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The Canadian Open Freeride Champs

While traveling through Canada during January with the Snowledge crew we caught the 2019 Canadian Open Freeride Championships at Red Mountain, it was a cool little comp which happened to hit a perfect storm with a few inches falling during the night and sunny skies. Check the full post over at Snowledge

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1137 Miles North

During the cold of last winter I got the chance to head back to Canada for the first time in eight years, we spent a couple days in my old stomping grounds of Whistler before heading to Revelstoke, a mountain I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and it did not disappoint. From Reve we took the ferry down to a little cat skiing operation an hour or so South and as soon as we got into the hills it was obvious why magazines and movies have been shooting Retallack for the past ten years. The footage is pretty much all gopro as we we’re shooting stills and trying to make the most of the trip slamming as many runs as possible.

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Float like a rockstar

B Grade Horror Fest

Almost a year ago I shot an event B Grade Horror fest, in Whistler , BC, Canada, I’ve never seen anything like, crazy death and nudity on big screen with everyone getting on the drink. This year’s fest is coming October 30th check out there site over at http://www.heavyhitting.com/ it’s got some of my shots on it.

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ALine in the bike park

Train lane fishing

Partying with Locals

With the lack of tourists in town every night in becoming a locals night in Whistler, maybe with bike park opening next weekend itl change but until then glow parties are always freakin sweet Moe Joes best club out at the moment.

There’s heaps more over at http://www.clubzone.com/p1/whistler-nightclub-photos.html

Garfs saturday

Moe Joes Saturday

Glow party Sunday

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Whistler Exposed production shots


By Whatever alias you may know him Deltron zero, z Del tha funkee the man is a master of hip hop and his show at Garfs was amazing.

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