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A wakeskate clip

It didn’t really have a name so I went with Cam does most of the skating in it and didn’t really have a purpose other than rad stuff that was sitting in my hard drives collecting dust so now it’s a video for nzwakeboard.com.

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Return to the Church


Before its outdated

Cam Stenning is just about to board his flight down to come shoot a whole bunch of wakeskateing over the next couple weeks so I figured that it was a good time to use this shot from the last time we were shooting together for NZwakeboard.com.
Riley Bathurst wakeskate photo

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Cam Slam

Which he did eventually land this shot it just took a long while of trying and it’s al coming out in a skate edit for NZwakeboard that should be released sometime soon.

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Train Lane



I’ve been to Auckland a whole lot of time to go wakeboarding before, I’ve never ridden in Auckland tho, checked out a whole bunch of the basins with Cam Stenning, Nic Hale, and Flick Blackmore before and after going to Wakedup. Shot this frame for NZwakeboard.com of Cam 540 back big.

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Cam came back