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Brad Smeele, Dome

We found this place just in time, as soon as the construction was done we we’re never going to get in here but the construction really added something different to the background.

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Brad Smeele Nollie

After a long day of sitting on the shore of a competition the mind has hours of wandering, in this case we found a little something different with the ski ramp lying on the edge of the lake.

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Brad Smeele Dome

Airtime – Lake Matahina

We spent a week shreading at Paul Maguires place in Ohope it’s a real cool little spot right on the coast, the weather even played ball for a couple days, massive thanks to Liam Hall for all the help with the filming and editing and everyone else that made the ep possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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Big Boys Toys Airtime

The second of my clips to be released on Airtime, the action sports show on TVNZ U from a trip up to Auckland for the Big Boys Toys action sports and lifestyle expo, really cool to work with not only the wake kids but also the BMX and FMX as well so I’m stoked to see these on the screen and now on vimeo as well. So thanks to Liam Hall for half the shooting and editing as well as all the others that made it possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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A set with Brad

Winchfest Digital Cover

This has been one of the best wake comps I have ever been to so a massive thanks to Jane and Muzza for putting on Winchfest, Brad for slamming out this lipslide and a whole bunch of other people, there’s more to come but for right now check out the new digital cover for NZwakeboard.com.

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