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A Piece A Week

  • Dirt Day

    As always doing things for the Quake City Rumblers is good times and this event should be sweet, both pics are mine from a while back. Stay tuned for the photos. Check the original poster I did for the Q.C.R.

    quake city rumblers dirt day poster

  • First Monday of 2014

    Last year I made the resolution to do something every week and post it up here. I got distracted and didn’t get close to making the whole year but the little alarm didn’t go off so I figure I’ll post what I drew today. image

  • Bike Card

    Its start of the tour time and also my step dad’s birthday. malcs card-2

  • 7 Days Notice

    Continuing my work with Rolleston Square I created this invite to their event. event evite

  • Thanks

    On my way to China I booked the wrong flights but thanks to a few people everything turned out alright. thanks card design

  • Run to the Guns

    Working in with the Q.C.R. for their first organized or disorganized run I made a little something. moped run poster

  • Annabel

    So I’ve been travelling and missing a few of the things I need to be doing like updating my piece a week. This was one I made for my cousin and her new baby.

    baby welcomer

  • Native Pirates

    I think I need to screen print something new, maybe even kind of like this when I have the chance to again. native pirates

  • The Animals

    I read this little quote on a skate website a couple days ago. I guess it kinda stayed with me as it’s a pretty cool way of looking at the industry. type poster

  • I Made a GIF

    Maybe I should make some more, do something a little more complex than this, tumblr possibly had some influence, I’ve seen a bunch of people making really interesting ones and the last one I made was first year design school but my piece a week is online so I may as well use an online media. mellow little gif

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