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Will J in Japan extended

It’s been quite some time since we finished an epic two month journey of shooting a lot of fresh snow and with this snow year it feels even longer ago but after the release of the Monster Energy piece I talked with Will and we felt there were a bunch of shots we both liked so I’ve cut this as a hope to fill in a few pieces which may have not been seen in the first cut that was as Monster does and as a majority. snow-porn.

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Volcom PBRJ

For a decidedly white day it was a rather fun and mellow comp and for my first time working with Volcom a good chance to get a little more weird on the logo animation.

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Will J in Japan

After stamping around the hills of Japan for a couple of months in a lot of the best snow I have come across we have got our edit out and is currently the title piece of twsnow.com. A massive thanks to Will first and foremost for making this happen and putting in soo much work to get the shots plus also to the whole crew who helped out while we were there and getting it online.

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World Heli Challenge – snow show

My first experience of the World Heli Challenge was filming for the Snow Show, I worked with Will Jackways during the piece which turned out to be a rather good idea as he was the one to take out the compeition.

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World Heli Challenge 2013 – Best Freestyle Day

I was a part of the Shoot out for WHC this year, it’s a competition to cover a competition and make an edit. Last year I made a Snow Show instead so was keen to throw my hat in the ring against some of the other local and international film makers, it was a bit of a crazy year with the weather being all over the show which means we only flew one day out of the two even tho we had a two week window but that put all film makers in the same position so I began cutting and this is what I ended up with and the panel of judges saw something good in it as they awarded me with best Freestyle day edit.

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For one of the Snow Show TV shows I filmed and edited during the 2012 winter I travelled from Tekapo to Wanaka with two of New Zealand’s best snowboarders, Will Jackways & Abby Lockhart, as well as their dog and documented the travels along the way, the show is about the lifestyle of riding as much as the tricks. All of my Snow Show eps are here.

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Half way through the CHILL Series I made an interesting choice to stop sleeping and go back onto the road to keep filming when I needed to spend a lot of time editing, the opportunity had come up to chase Will J and Abby down to Tekapo with some new snow, the trip started well, the first turns were deep and the sun was shining, as we walked to the Ohau ridge the wind started to really blow and didn’t stop, we made the most of the next few days but didn’t get everything we needed so a few days back in Christchurch then off to Wanaka to finish off this ep.

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The Snow Show – World Heli Challenge