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Wedding Invite

I helped out a friend with an invite and a few other pieces for his big day, not in my usual style but nice to work on something different and with a little help of stock borders.
jania andrew wedding invites

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James & Linda Invite

A couple of months ago I was working on this wedding invite for a couple of friends, it ended up spanning over a few peices of paper including the paper crane, which thankfully I didn’t have to fold.
brown paper and strings and paper crane and design

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Jess & Josh O

Last weekend it went down to Timaru to shoot with a couple of my good friends Jess and Josh O, the same Josh O who has been on this blog more than a few times before with his wake style as they got married and brought there own style to a wedding, amazing day and the rest of the photos will come one day soon when we have them finished.
wedding photo o the couple

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Expanding the portfolio

Adding one of the majors to my list of what I’ve done with a camera I shot a wedding yesterday, Yesterday was the second i”ve done recently but the other was video so it’s all different.

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