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K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series 2013

With only one stop of the K2 this year we ventured to Craigieburn and despite minimal snow managed to scrounge something for the comp with a quick 5cm the night before. Tom Brownlee was lead for the vid but when he turned up in the car park he decided he would call in Cam McD for a second announcer. The two produce some interesting sentences but it’s fun and this year Alex Bowater took the long lens spot in harsh conditions where the wind never stopped blowing the 500mm is extremely hard to keep steady and the interviews are hard to keep clean. Matty J was wandering about on the second day so I threw him the audio recorder and came back with an a solid yarn.

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K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series Stop 2 – Craigieburn

The CHILL Series has begun

Which means I have been half way up the side of the mountain shooting for the past week, it’s been a great chance to use a few new toys and do some things that I haven’t before with a production, the internet isn’t too fast up there but as we left town I released this little update.

And in between Mt Olympus and Craigieburn I had an hour or so to cut up this little teaser with some results so that I have time to do the real thing over the next few days before I go back to the hills.

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Start of the series

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time working out what I want to do for the CHILL Series this year and I was keen to start of with a teaser from last year’s footage with some details about this year to get the stoke up. As per usual my work changed a fair amount from the drawing board and now I have this which is far more about people getting used to Tom fronting the camera and the animations I’ve been playing with, it’s not to serious…

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