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Black Diamond Big Mountain 2013

Carrying on with my work on the CHILL Big Mountain series from the past few years the Temple Basin event always holds challenges, working at one of the more remote ski fields, including a half hour walk to access the lodge, this year held low levels of snow but good sunshine. I worked with Alex Bowater as second filmer for the event, we had the girls take over the fronting of the event, with Alex Brook, 2012 winner of the event and Taylor Rapley, 2013 winner of the K2 Big Mountain the week before.

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How to find the mountain

I already know how to get to Temple Basin, it’s one of the best ski fields in the world so I try to get up there as often as I can, right off the main road but with gear lifts that don’t take people and a walking track that takes a while so I’ve been working with the crew up there to get this handy little video to show everyone else how find there way up.

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