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Whistler Kicker Lines

Amongst all the madness and confusion of the Olympics I still get to go snowboarding occasionally, here are a few hits from an article that just got run on www.nzsnowboard.com and check out the rest of the story here. Thanks to Sim Higginson all over the photo taking, the next one should be up soon.

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Infront of the lens

Riding park laps is fun and when you include geek gaps and white rooms with your buddies, Nick May, who happens to have a fantastic white room and Chris Collie on photos http://www.christophercolliephoto.blogspot.com/ good things happen.

Check out the hits and clicks http://www.nzsnowboard.com/articles/679/jan_3rd_09__riding_the_whistler_park_with_riley_bathurst

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Andrew Wilde on profile Quicksilver

One of my buddies who helps keep the terrain park affairs in order at Mt. Hutt during the past season is rolling in his Quicksilver gears and I got the photos for his profile check out what he has to say at http://www.quiksilver.cn/cn/en/snowridersdetails.php?id=50but.

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Elektro Premier

So I’ve just started working with the crew at What’s up whistler.com, The site is all about events both upcoming and recent. I should have more coming soon from here. Check the full gallery at http://www.whatsupwhistler.com/archives/750 or click the photo. The first shoot was at Alterna films new release Elektro, an amazing movie, check the trailer and buy online at. http://www.alternaactionfilms.com/


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Emberley Rail Jam

The boys at emberley clothing comapny held a sweet little rail jam in Dunedin the other day, apart from the rain was good times

check out the write ups and photos, on a few sites were getting it out there.



Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8575 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8543 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8549 net


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I got my first shots in Manual today thanks to Rene having killer style at the SOL square rail jam the other day.

ray snowboarding

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