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Half way through the CHILL Series I made an interesting choice to stop sleeping and go back onto the road to keep filming when I needed to spend a lot of time editing, the opportunity had come up to chase Will J and Abby down to Tekapo with some new snow, the trip started well, the first turns were deep and the sun was shining, as we walked to the Ohau ridge the wind started to really blow and didn’t stop, we made the most of the next few days but didn’t get everything we needed so a few days back in Christchurch then off to Wanaka to finish off this ep.

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Snow Show – Mt Olympus opening

A couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a mission that I wasn’t really sure if it was going to work out at the time, or even half way through but here we have the product and I’m happy. Mt Olympus had a bit of new snow to start the season and Mikey was keen to shread even if he was working grave yard shift up at Mt Hutt, I was hoping for a few more riders to get involved but things fall through some times and we just made a little story line and adapted as we went and came out with an ep for Snow Show, the TV show on TVNZ U.

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Hutt Early Season Snow Show

So as the snow has fallen and we are back in the mountains the TV show Airtime I have been working on over summer has become Snow Show, same idea, same time, same channel so for my first ep of the season, Liam Hall and myself caught up with a few buddies for a game of “Shred” at Mt Hutt. If you don’t know what “Shred” is just watch as Milu tries to explain it. Always fun to be riding with the crew and I’ve got a fair amount more snow content coming along soon.

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