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Snap Newspaper

Just picked up the most recent issue of a local newspaper around Whistler, Squamish and Pemberlton and if you fill to page 16 I have shots for the story cover the Whistler Exposed calendar launch party.


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Whistler Exposed Calendar

A glamourous little release party for the new calendar showcasing some of Whistler finest talent.

Check the full gallery at http://www.whatsupwhistler.com/2009/11/whistler-exposed-release-party/


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B Grade Horror Fest

Packing a thousand people into one room putting up three screens and calling it a movie theatre with a lot of booze and some next level movies, If there was no death or female nudity for more than 60 seconds there was crowd uproar and killing babies in ridiculous ways definitely won big points with the judges, congrats to the team from To Hell and Back taking out the main prize,

Check out my full gallery here www.whatsupwhistler.com/2009/10/b-grade-horror-fest/


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Elektro Premier

So I’ve just started working with the crew at What’s up whistler.com, The site is all about events both upcoming and recent. I should have more coming soon from here. Check the full gallery at http://www.whatsupwhistler.com/archives/750 or click the photo. The first shoot was at Alterna films new release Elektro, an amazing movie, check the trailer and buy online at. http://www.alternaactionfilms.com/


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