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Jully Black

Olympic Mens Downhill

This is some seriously fast skiing. Almost stupid fast but I didn’t see anyone go down so they got it. Some crazy swiss dude Didier Defago won and the only one I’d heard of Bode Miller from the states got third.

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Bedouin Soundclash

Live at the 2010 Olympics games in Whistler, the sound is amazing, halfway through this set Canada won its first ever gold medal on home soil. Don’t ask me but apparently at both of the last two olympics here no one has got gold. Mens moguls Alexandre Bilodeau crazy times in the village. almost time to do it all again tonight.

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Kid Koala

The first of the amazing line up of musician to be playing for the 2010 olympics in Whistler. Koala was supposed to be playing outdoor but due to weather was moved inside the club, the guy is tiny small but moves so fast it’s insane, changing records like no one I’ve ever seen and creates and atmosphere out no-where.

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Opening Ceremony

Taking the bus into the village to watch the opening ceremony of the games on the big screens in the village myself and a friend ended up in the middle of a procession of Canadian athletes walking to the Village Square for a small ceremony in Whistler. Right time and the right place, unfortunately it wasn’t that way for all of us today R.I.P. Nodar Kumaritashvili.

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100 days till the olympics

so it was another step in the count down, a few local athletes around and the start of the media circus check the full story here



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