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NZ Tour Guide

For a major rebuild of the one page New Zealand Tour Guide site I focused on speed and built a snappy little site with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS producing a site that loads dramatically faster and consumes far fewer resources than what was there before.


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Mons Royale Product Page Pitch

Over a quiet weekend I knocked up a quick pitch piece of a product page for Mons Royale, I’ve always been a big fan of their pieces and have worked with them on media projects over the years but never in as much of a design role.

I took what Mons is already doing with product and graphic design and just pushed it to a web design, using the strong colors and angles, being a quick weekend piece the site works as a mockup but isn’t truly function, there’s no hover states, only enough header tags for the page to load, javascript only powers the webpack build, there are problems with the design at certain sizes or adaptions so it would need significat work to be production ready.

The design is layers on layers of CSS grid and I’m really looking forward to the implementation of sub-grid as it comes down the pipeline, almost all of the color is either background filled grids of SVG shapes, including the promo piece (green background) halfway down which involved layering and building shapes in a way I hadn’t pushed as far before so that’s something I want to continue explore and create some dynamic and responsive designs that are super performant.



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NZ Tour Guide Propsal​

I have been hosting the NZ Tour Guide website for a number of years, it’s a pretty simple one-page site that to save costs we had grabbed a theme from Woo Themes and let it free into the world, except that was built on some code that just isn’t doing too hot on the lighthouse scores, 57 / 100 performance, in particular, was concerning to me.


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My CMS (Content Management System) of choice for making websites, It’s easy for anyone to look at the back end and thats what counts for many of my clients so I want to use what works for them. You don’t need to learn computer code, you need to do what you do and have an easy system to work so here it is. Oh and it’s free.

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Page Title Finds Tagged Post Code?

I’ve been playing around with this little piece of code,

$tag = preg_replace('/^ +/','',wp_title('',false));
$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;

It took way too long to find and learn how to use but I’ve got it on NZwakeboard in the riders pages such as Josho’s, That find’s any tagged post and brings them in on a page with the same name, it can be done in easier ways by using tag templates but I’ve got another project in mind that I think it could really help with. But that’s waiting on more than one thing to fall into place before I can get it sorted, till then I’m gonna keep playing with the code and seeing if I can use it better. So, for now, throw it under the regular loop and then create another loop the same after this code and it will bring up the posts.

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