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By Whatever alias you may know him Deltron zero, z Del tha funkee the man is a master of hip hop and his show at Garfs was amazing.

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Jully Black

Kid Koala

The first of the amazing line up of musician to be playing for the 2010 olympics in Whistler. Koala was supposed to be playing outdoor but due to weather was moved inside the club, the guy is tiny small but moves so fast it’s insane, changing records like no one I’ve ever seen and creates and atmosphere out no-where.

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DJ Metal

Playing the warm up to Okay City and Sweatshop Union gig last week, before I turned on the flashes, inspired by one of my favorite photographers Blotto, check out his work at http://www.blottophotto.com/ the details he can see in images is amazing.

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Sweatshop Union & Okay City

I went down to the bar last night to watch Sweatshop Union play a little gig in Whistler got way more into Okay City this dope hip hop duo outa Vancouver check them out at http://www.myspace.com/okaycityhiphop Im well into the sampler CD they threw me last night.

Check out the rest of the shots at http://www.whatsupwhistler.com/2010/01/sweatshop-union-okay-city/

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DJ Nu-Mark

Hip Hop at its finest Nu-Mark, of Jurassic 5 fame, played an incredible set last night so unbelievably happy to have been there.

Check out the full gallery at http://www.whatsupwhistler.com/2009/12/dj-nu-mark/ its a big one but I want the photos to really show how amazing the show was and a couple of frames just could not do that set justice.


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Local MCs & DJs

RA the Rugged Man

Sweet little HipHop gig last night at Garfs check out the full gallery here



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