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When I have trouble sleeping I flick through Tumblr on my phone but tonight I came across this shot I took a while back, it’s nothing too special, the light was pretty flat and I was just shooting a few clicks for a guy I’ve known forever and now live with, somehow it made some Tumblr and were at 4,556 notes soo far. I have some shots I really like and worked far harder to get that go nowhere and then this pops up which must be one of my most viewed photos.
some old shot of mine

What even more weird is when I ran it through google image search I get this from boostedwear.com who surprisingly enough I’ve never heard of before.
stolen shots

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Drift Triking

Still waiting on snow getting a few things done with the camera including shooting a drift trike event for my buddy over the weekend, completely dirtbag but pretty fun all the same.
bogans & dirtbags unite

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Drift Trikes

I hadnt seen Andy Gallagher in years, went to kindergarten with the kid so it’s always fun to see him round, went drift triking last night was more than different its crazy.

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