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CHILL Series 2012

Covering the CHILL Series, big mountain free ski events for the 2011 & 2012 season I have created a number of videos to span the month of events, as I work with CHILL to build a video brand for the event we have worked on title animations and more edits to bring together everything that the events have to offer. The full CHILL Series is here.

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This was my entry for the CHILL Film Feast short film competition over the weekend, I had been planning on making this while filming and working out how much awesome footage wouldn’t make the actual edits, then was asked to put something into the Film Feast. I didn’t know it was a competition, I hadn’t even started making it till after the entries closed and even claim in the middle of it some of my shots aren’t any good.

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The Rest of CHILL Series 2012

The last two CHILL series videos are up and online, Black Diamond Big Mountain from Temple Basin.

& the snowboard edit covering the whole series. Awesome shreading overall and really good to hang out with all the crew.

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K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series Stop 2 – Craigieburn

K2 Big Mountain Chill Series – The First Actual Edit

The CHILL Series has begun

Which means I have been half way up the side of the mountain shooting for the past week, it’s been a great chance to use a few new toys and do some things that I haven’t before with a production, the internet isn’t too fast up there but as we left town I released this little update.

And in between Mt Olympus and Craigieburn I had an hour or so to cut up this little teaser with some results so that I have time to do the real thing over the next few days before I go back to the hills.

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Start of the series

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time working out what I want to do for the CHILL Series this year and I was keen to start of with a teaser from last year’s footage with some details about this year to get the stoke up. As per usual my work changed a fair amount from the drawing board and now I have this which is far more about people getting used to Tom fronting the camera and the animations I’ve been playing with, it’s not to serious…

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