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World Heli Challenge Entry

This year the format is all new, just to make it to the comp we have spent the past few weeks with our team of Chalrie Lyons, Will Jackways and myself. It’s kind of a strange situation with very few teams having a completely new edit such as we have but it’s all just a game to see who the two teams that will get to fly at Mt Cook are so I have to ask you to help out and throw a vote our way over at http://worldhelichallenge.com/2014/08/the-way-of-the-lyon/

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Charlie Profile

The fifth and final of the lead up pieces to CHILL series we end with New Zealand Skier of the Year Charlie Lyons, after spending a whole season with cameras jammed in his face for the Freeride World Tour he’s pretty used to it which makes interviews far easier and it just became a recorded chat.

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