Design Scribbles

These are a selection of visualization of thoughts or ideas, generally they are a reaction to something I’ve been around at the time although some of them were made for something in particular.

snowboard graphic design

Feast or Famine

I was just playing with this bit of a drawing after discussing the concept the other day, I don’t know if it’s entirely finished without textures and shading and there is probably a mistake or two in it… but as I was designing the whole thing looked like it could work on a board, so I logged onto facebook to procrastinate a little and first post was a board design comp on boardworld, I’m normally not a fan of asking designers to work for nothing like this but this isn’t going anywhere else so it can go there.

scribble of a poster

The French

Last night when I was half scribbling in a note book and half paying attention to some really cool french movie we have on hard drive it got me thinking.
I should really get back there one day soon and pick up a few more copies of Be Street mag when I do or at least find the last copy I had, all I remember over where it is the cover had been ripped off it.

fight of flight skateboard deck design

Fight or Flight

I haven’t been skating in way too long but it still inspires me most days, I should probably finish this design but on the chance I don’t I’ll leave it here to find again another day.