Im just getting up and heading back to where I used to live a few years back at a wakeboard cable park to o ride rails for the day Im so ridiculously excited and Ill be shooting hard over the week and a bit its gonna get awesome

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new article ive run onto in the infamous Mt Hutt half pipe

ben comber snowboarding
ben comber snowboarding
michael mccloy snowboarding
ASH GUTHRIE Long_day_with_miles_130909_ (160) net

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One of those days when everything takes too long and the light is all gone but jumping into pitch black can still be cool even if im way out of focus. Ash Guthrie big back 5 into the black.

ash guthrie night snowboarding

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I got my first shots in Manual today thanks to Rene having killer style at the SOL square rail jam the other day.

ray snowboarding

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