Working in-house with WINERAM Productions as a studio manager also included filming, editing and design projects. WINERAM Productions is a Tahoe City based wine industry media company, from commercials to TV shows and dabbling in design for a number of major wine companies. With a small team we worked hard to move fast and create quality from being extremely familiar with vineyards and production facilities.

The featured video above is for Healdsburg, this was a video extending on a taste makers series I worked on as director, we worked with locals that are making the highest quality products in their fields, some of those were based around wine but others were artist in their own rights.

48 Hours in

48 hours In is a series that follows Susan Kostrzewa around some of the great wine cities of the world and takes a flyby view of some of the hotest wine or not quite wine spots, I filmed the majority of the Miami and Seattle episodes and did post production supervision on the Miami, Seattle, and San Fransico episodes.

Lighting the Vines

Lighting of the vines is a unique christmas party to Hamel Family Wines, linking a piano to strings of lights along rows of vines to create a beautiful atmosphere as the sun goes down, I filmed the event for two years and edited the videos as well as social media length cuts.

Collopack Solutions

Collopack solutions is a wine industry manufacturer and the less glamorous side of wine, thousand of bottles spinning around a product facility, using time-lapse and slow motion to create an interesting set of visuals while still creating an informative video.

Davies - Brand Video

The bread and butter of Winerams work while I was studio manager was brand videos, I've heard people in the industry say wine marketing hasn't changed since prohibition but we we're working to change that and telling their stories through visual and audio to create a full experience such as this one for Davies which I directed.