As I moved internationally recently I sold my 27″ iMac, I’ve got a back up old iMac here but it’s not what I can keep working on, the problem being the new iMac retina 27 specs are really good with Quick Sync editing in FCP X should be sweet for almost everything.

The problem being I don’t use FCP X, I prefer Premiere for After Effects and the new tech they are putting in to CC, yes I could use the 27 for Premiere and hopefully it will be brought up to speed but it’s what Apple does with the hardware software working together so I don’t think it will ever be as good and I haven’t seen anything on them adding Quick Sync.

The other problem is I want to be working with RED footage and I’m just not sure the iMac will hold up to grading, stabilization and still be nice to edit with.

So just spec up and go to the MacPro? well no because the late 2013 doesn’t look much better than the iMac and having to pay for screens especially of the level of the iMac 27 is going to be expensive.

Right now I want to just wait it out and see if December brings another MacPro release as it did 2 years ago, if it does at a comparable price to the current MacPro but with Quick Sync and faster processors I’ll be first in line, if it doesn’t I don’t know what I’ll do except keep hating on editing slowly on this iMac.