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These are print works of sort, some of which have been printed, some have been used entirely online, most are static but all of them are different.

  • Japan

    I created a little piece out of nervous excitement in the days between booking my flights and heading off to film Will J in Japan there were some other versions of this with logos and text and other pieces but this was always my favorite version.

  • Rookies Poster

    Charlotte Percle made a really cool film this year, it’s about some first year Freeride World Tour skiers, including a mutual friend of our Sam Lee, so when she asked me to help with a poster for the film I happily grab a few of the photos she had and got into photoshop.

    Rookies from Charlotte Percle on Vimeo.

    ski film poster

  • Dirt Day

    I was asked to put together a new piece for the rumblers right around the time Mad Max Fury Road was released and this couldn’t not have an impact on the gang as well as what I would do with the design so I grabbed a few old shots I had and clicked around a bit in photoshop.

    quake city rumblers dirt day poster

    Quake City Rumblers

  • Rolleston Square Invite 2014

    As I continue with the annual invites for Rolleston Square I have gone more contemporary this year while still trying to hold within the style and the constrains of the brand. Bringing the elements together around the square and the shopping bag from the logo.

    invite design

  • Run to the Guns

    Designing for the Quake City Rumblers is always interesting as those that encourage chaos it gives a certain freedom to the design process.

    moped event poster

    Quake City Rumblers

  • A Piece A Week

    This was the first of a series of pieces I am creating over 2013, just as a personal project to keep pushing out a bit of content and see where my design leads when I have to push out a bunch of pieces.

    graphic design piece

    All the posts

  • The Vintage Peddler Flyer

    For the second year I worked on the VP flyer we simplified back to a stylized image I had taken to tell the story on the front and a minimal map on the back. I’m a large fan of simple maps as a way of communication to tourists to allow them to discover a new place’s personality without getting lost or the information approach of GPS.


    The Vintage Peddler

  • 2012 NZ Wakeboard Nationals

    Layers on layers on layers create a simple and clean look to a complex poster that allow readability from a thumbnail on the web to an A3 poster on a wall. Inspired by the ten years I have been attending the event.

    events poster

    Wakeboarding NZ

  • North Island Wakeboard Champs 2012

    I created a subtle 3d graphic for the poster of the event, with a long list of sponsors and plenty of info needed the imagery had to draw people in but also allow the text to talk to the viewer.

    sporting event poster

    Wakeboarding NZ

  • Wakeskate Nationals 2012

    A simple but strong icon in the scene of wakeskating, a small and mostly under the radar sport in New Zealand. Simple and clear details and sponsors but plenty of detail when up close so the poster would work both online and printed.

    sporting event poster

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