Premiere Pro CC Cinema DNG

So for a project I’m editing video for I have been given footage in a format I haven’t used before and didn’t shoot but with a bunch of googling I haven’t been able to find a workflow that works well for me but this is where I am at, so by no means is this perfect but it’s the current workflow I have which seems ridiculously long and slow with a bunch of processing time so I’m wondering if this is just a computer speed issue or Cinema DNG’s, the Odyssey or are just RAW videos a lot to work with due to these at least having 90Gb single shots.


Camera – Sony FS700

Recorder – Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Recording formats – Cinema DNG 2k or 4k

Computer – iMac 27” 3.4GHz  24 GB Ram
Editing program – Premiere Pro CC



  1. Create a new project in finder
  2. go through all dumped cards to find CARD1 clips named _SSD1
  3. From a second finder window drag and drop all clips from CARD2 _SSD2 of the same number into the _SSD1 folder of the same number

Premiere Pro

  1. Import each individual DNG Sequence from media importer into Premiere Pro
  2. Drag and drop to create a new sequence
  3. Add an out point to the end of the video
  4. Export H.264 of each clip individually with the same name to a new folder called “Compressed DNGs”
  5. Import all of those H.264 clips in the folder
  6. Edit with compressed
  7. In final sequence find any DNG clips by reading timeline
  8. If they have been sped up nest the sequence and slow to 100%
  9. Open in source monitor
  10. Find frame numbers used, if needed change the view mode from time to frames at the bottom right of the source monitor


  1. Create folder called “TIFFs” in the project folder
  2. Find the frames used in source monitor by numbers and drag these to edit subfolder, all if enough of the clip is needed


  1. Open the finder window of the clip and select the necessary files
  2. Colour correct a DNG frame in camera RAW
  3. Copy setting and paste to all other frames
  4. Save to a new folder with the clip name in the “TIFFs” folder


  1. Double click in blank space of project window to import each clip
  2. Select first .tiff making sure image sequence is ticked
  3. Replace compressed H.264 with .tiff clip
  4. Final colour correction with lumetri color inside of PP

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