Work on demand.

I can work hourly on demand, starting at $80 an hour, minimum 15 minutes per interaction.


I suggest looking into your website for at-least an hour every month. Website standards change, technologies and design trends get updated, whatever we do each month will make your site the best it can be for your clients and your business.

Starting at$600 per year if paid annualy. $80 per month for one hour.


I can work with you to pay how you want and split it up to monthly payments as needed.

  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Talk to us about other options


I work with 501 nonprofit organizations for donation as partial payment.


I pass on direct costs of domains, we use hover pricing is reflected here.The reason for this is if I have control of the domain it makes my life a lot easier and doesn’t cost you anything additional. Current .com domains are $15.99 per year.


I start hosting at $100 per year depending on needs.


I start monitoring at $60 per year.