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April 28, 2018

I’ve been working with as the lead digital content creator. This is a relatively open position for creating media for advertising and social media. This ranges from disappearing stories on social media as a throw away up to full video projects that have taken weeks to months to complete.
Being involved with a project in the startup phases I have also helped across the board with design on marketing and UI, with a social media base the app needs constant updates and a large amount of shots have flown through the app and out into other channels to promote the project.


This is just a small selection of images shot for Snowledge.

Donner Drone Sunrise Skin

Deep Pow

Eric Lee O'Brien - Backflip

Brandon Craddock - Deep Pow

Brian Stenerson Tahoe Hike

Canadian Tree Chute

Eric Lee O'Brien - Park Shot

Garrett Cygan - Snowboarder Profile

Kenzie Morris - Skier Profile

Garrett Cygan - Snow Diamond

Eric Lee O'Brien - Drone Turn

Little Alaska Lookout

Eric Lee O'Brien - Pillow Line

Kenzie Morris - Eastern Sierras Outlook


Hunt For The Powder People

Taking a road trip through my original home of New Zealand lets you see things you used to glance past as a tourist. Then having the chance to ride with some of my best friends in mountains I had been away from for a while, we got lucky with the weather in the central South Island and pretty terrible snow down South which was made it even better to showcase what I was hoping for.

Snowledge Seventeen Twenty Seventeen

Each year we take all the footage from the Snowledge ambassadors and mash it all together, I tried to focus on being a team with this edit, lots of high fives and crew riding together to bring to life the team atmosphere of a startup app that also have true mountain roots.

Devan Peeters Northstar Line

For a number of years I was in awe of Tom Day's follow cam line of Torstien Horgmo, I caught up with Devan Peeters, an old friend and we took a few laps. Devan is a super under rated rider with a crazy bag of tricks this defintley took me a few rewatches to even understand what was going on with some of them and having the consistency to be able to do tricks this close together back to back to back, this line also took less tries than you would think even when we kept going back this was just the one that stuck.

Ambassador & Shorter Edits

Brandon Craddock

Eric Lee O'Brien

Kenzie Morris

Sean & Jed Spring Park Laps

Beartooth Basin Event

Month 60

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