These are print works of sort, some of which have been printed, some have been used entirely online, most are static but all of them are different.

sporting event poster

Wakeskate Nationals 2012

A simple but strong icon in the scene of wakeskating, a small and mostly under the radar sport in New Zealand. Simple and clear details and sponsors but plenty of detail when up close so the poster would work both online and printed.

graphic design poster

Auckland Wakeboard Open 2012

With a lack of imagery for a new event and being away from Auckland when I was creating the design I searched my hard drives for an icon image of the city and found something very simple.

scribble of a poster

The French

Last night when I was half scribbling in a note book and half paying attention to some really cool french movie we have on hard drive it got me thinking.
I should really get back there one day soon and pick up a few more copies of Be Street mag when I do or at least find the last copy I had, all I remember over where it is the cover had been ripped off it.

The North Island Wakeboard Champs 2012

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It turns out my computer doesn’t really like creating 3D text in photoshop so this took a while to go from concept to completion and after a whole number of different tries to give the text the effect I ended up going with Repousse tool and as quite often happens the final image is quite different to the initial concept but I’m happy so if you can make it get on down, Facebook event here.
blue poster with wakeboarding and 3d text and lots of logos