Working with Priest Sheetmetal has had me spanning from graphic design to photography and branding then back again, as a local staple in an older industry the Priests are in their third generation of running the company and showing no signs of slowing down so they are embracing the modern design style and modern methods of reaching customers. The logo is a sheetmetal press which may get lost to those outside of the industry but they are ok with that as it still creates an interesting shape. The branding then rolls into the slab serif typeface to create a sturdy foundation as a reflection of the metal products they build. From the strong foundation of the icon, slab serif typography and a strong blue we have been able to build up into marketing materials from business cards to a website that is quick and to the point.


I have been working with Priest to develop the website for the past few years, slowly up the site and continuing to do so.

Written in PHP with a wordpress CMS and a foundation framework allowing for a responive design adapting from phones to desktop screens.

font-size: 2em;

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Priest sheetmetal site on an iphone.


This set of photos is for a website header banner, the images were a specifically wide ratio and showcase the reality of a sheetmetal factory to show authenticity and convey trust that the workshop has multiple machines and they are ready to handle all your needs.

sheetmetal worker on the press
sheetmetal factory with workers
welder working in a factory
sheetmetal workshop

priest sheetmetal business cards

Business Cards

As we have gone througha few versions of business cards for Priest we have landed on a modernist front with a bold logo and a large amount of the bright blue primary color and then an information dense back to give potential customers a list of services available as Priest have a large number copared to many of their compeitors as well as a number of contact points for the front desk as well as the employee on the card.