Canterbury Homekill

As a custom butchery service Canterbury Homekill is a local service for farmers and hunters. The service requires a detailed form for each order, by moving this online the butchers have more time for work and a lot less time in admin. I have been helping CHK build up the online system and adapt as customers and orders have changed over the years.

As a customer uses the service they are able to create a profile for looking back on orders and get in touch with the butchers.

In addition to the website we have also worked on rebranding Canterbury Homekill with a new logo and color scheme as well as newspaper advertisements for marketing.


Order Page

The order page for Canterbury Homekill lets customers pick many options around how an animal is to be butchered. A select cut can either be chosen or not with a checkbox then dropdowns let them pick how the cut is handled if there are muliple ways that can be done.

Confirmation Page

Adding a confirmation page to the Canterbury Homekill order process led to less confusion and misorders, as custom butchery doesn't lend itself to returns making sure the orders were correct really helped with custom relations.

View Order Page

With a profile system, customers are able to look back on previous orders this often helps with reordering something they have been really happy with in the past.

Order Email

The confirmation emails sent out after a sucessful order lets customers know we have got the message and this is also another way of looking back on orders for reordering or confirmation of what they have in the freezer while not home.


news paper advertisement

Newspaper advertisment.