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As cameras changed and gave rise to DSLR video I took the opportunity to shoot moving images. Now video influences my photography just as much as photography influences my video allowing me to make the most of a situation either in a single image or a whole film.

  • Bento – Trailer

    For the past year I’ve been working on the follow up to Will J in Japan that I filmed a couple years ago, and now that, in it’s full title, Monster Energy presents Bento a Backcountry Experience in Japan, but first a little trailer to get warmed up.

  • How to access Temple Basin

    Working with one of the more unique ski fields in the world we produced a video to even be able to find the place, I’ve spent a little time up there and would recommend to anyone that hasn’t been to watch this clip and make your way to Temple.

  • The Wireless – Carlos Garcia Knight

    During a trip south last week I got to catch up with one of the younger snowboarders that’s made the transition from Hutt park rider to Wanaka local and is making the transition from small time kiwi to internationally known snowboarder and hopefully the next step of that journey is Winter Games. A bi-annual festival thats been running a while in the southern lakes, kinda a small version of the Winter Olympics which is about to start and run for the next ten days or so. I wanted to take a little different approach on the film and show off how Carlos is working as athlete and how that is effecting the way he rides and the part I’m liking about it is that he’s not a text book robot with a style stronger than his skinny frame. Check the full article at

  • The Wireless – Dave North

    One of the nice perks of this job is that I got to work with one of those people that I’ve been interested in for a while. I’ve skated his boards on and off for a while, as has probably everyone thats skated in NZ.
    I’ve heard a fair amount about Dave, he lives half an hour away from where I did a bunch of years back on the west coast, where both of us were kinda in the middle of nowhere, which is maybe why I hadn’t met him, he enjoys his privacy, making it really cool that he let us follow him around with a camera and Anna Pearson with her notepad. Check the full piece on The Wireless or the video piece.

  • Yeah For It – Spring Edit

    I’m kinda over park snowboard footage so I understand if your not going to watch this, I didn’t even want to film park but with the way the snow was it became the best idea and I got a little over the top with the editing.

  • K2 Big Mountain 2014

    After a few years of coming back to the CHILL Series it’s nice that something is always different but the weather patterns this year were unexpected, but at least we got good sun on the second day and the young crew is really crushing it. New Zealand skiing has a really strong depth to it right now and every time I’m at a mountain I get reminded of it, either just riding a big rat pack or watching Hank Bilous send it for this comp.
    Also Cam and Tom tried their hand at some infomercials, I think they need work but could be fun for next year.

  • Monster Energy – Will Jackways Japan Powder Edit

    A couple of months in the Niseko backcountry with Will Jackways and a whole lot of powder, I sent the hard drive off to the USA where the Monster Energy crew put together this edit.

  • World Heli Challenge 2013 – Winner Freestyle Day

    As with anytime your running around the mountains things are going to get complicated, especially when you introduce helicopters and competition, 2013 WHC was no exception with only one of the two days completed the video competition was changed dramatically, I was honoured to receive the prize for best freestyle day, the only day completed, by the judges and bring on 2014 with hopefully a better snowpack and better weather.

  • World Heli Challenge – snow show

    My first experience of the World Heli Challenge was filming for the Snow Show, I worked with Will Jackways during the piece which turned out to be a rather good idea as he was the one to take out the compeition.

  • CHILL Series fails 2013

    It’s not all serious when we work in the mountains, 2014 version of something I’m going to have to keep doing, this footage can’t just sit in my hard drives.

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