riley bathurst design logo


In a strive for simplicity and uniqueness I try to create pieces that work at all sizes and in any version of colour.

  • Priest Sheetmetal Logo

    The logo for Priest Sheetmetal was designed to show the strength and presence of metal with the slab serif typography beside a sheet press icon.

    slab serif typography with a press icon

  • Bento Logo

    The logo for Bento was made as a digital only logo to be used in the credits and trailers for the project.

    circular text around a monster energy logo

  • Tiny Retreats Logo

    A good friend of mine has been busy building a tiny house that he’s also going to be renting out so that needed a logo, we’ve got a few versions of whats going on and we’re going to use it in a few different way but for right now this is the basic logo.

    tiny retreats logo

  • JKB Wide

    logo design

  • CHK Wide

    logo design

  • VP Square

    logo design

  • QCR Square

    moped logo

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