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Lifestyle photography is what my camera captures between thought out photos, still used for commercial pieces, including editorial, the works are candid portraits, landscape and more.

  • The real ski bum dream life, waking up in the parking lot with fresh snow on the roof and the lifts beginning to turn in your backyard.

  • Alpine starts is a euphemism of waking up way too early so that you can get up a mountain at the time you need to, this is generally well before day break but it can make for some amazing images with the soft morning light.

  • I’ve always thought fashion is the best use of a camera, thankfully I get the chance to work on a few projects here and there when I’m out of the mountains.

    lifestyle fashion photography

  • Working with skiers and snowboarders on the same project has positives and negatives, the positive being it can give a different set of outlooks on the same mountain. Charlie Lyons and Will Jackways take time to mind surf the scenery while filming for Big Risk Big Rewards.

    charlie lyons will jackways mountain outlook

  • After moving into a half house, half garage with one of my earliest friends in infancy of the Q.C.R. gave me the opportunity to evolve my photography along with the style of the pseudo gang.

    qcr quake city rumblers mopeds

  • Full throttle slow pace hill climb.

  • The mountains have always been calling and always will, there is far more to explore out there even if the wind is ripping over a ridge, your legs and lungs are burning from the climb and there is more to come before the summit.

    mountain exploration

  • While shooting the Whistler nightlife scene you meet a different set of people than you do during the daylight hours.

    fashion photography

  • Simoun Courtney won the Stienlarger Pure Futures competition with the idea of hand building unique bikes in his garage, a little kiwi ingenuity and some metal and you can create art.

    bicycle building editorial photo

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