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September 30th, 2015

Little something that won’t be used.

Tree sketch

September 16th, 2015

A little while back the Quake City Rumblers had the annual dirt masters, Earnest has a selection of my shots and some rambling words. Earnest co blogs/ dirt masters 2015 through the eyes of riley the quake city rumblers dirt day

August 31st, 2015

In something far more serious than my normal work I have been working with Anna Pearson on this story for the Wireless, I’ll let the piece explain the severity of the situation but hopefully our piece can be some inspiration for good.

August 26th, 2015

After shooting a couple things for a friends last year, she’s got her site up and running with a few of my photos fashion photography

August 26th, 2015

Second painted skate deck, kinda working as a series but also due to only having a couple colours of paint. skateboard graphic

August 23rd, 2015

So for a project I’m editing video for I have been given footage in a format I haven’t used before and didn’t shoot but with a bunch of googling I haven’t been able to find a workflow that works well for me but this is where I am at, so by no means is this perfect but it’s the current workflow I have which seems ridiculously long and slow with a bunch of processing time so I’m wondering if this is just a computer speed issue or Cinema DNG’s, the Odyssey or are just RAW videos a lot to work with due to these at least having 90Gb single shots.


Camera – Sony FS700
Recorder – Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Recording formats – Cinema DNG 2k (2048 x 1080)
Computer – iMac 27” 3.4GHz  24 GB Ram
Editing program – Premiere Pro CC


  1. Finder go through all dumped cards to find CARD1 clips named _SSD1
  2. From a second finder window drag and drop all clips from CARD2 _SSD2 of the same number into the _SSD1 folder of the same number
Premiere Pro
  1. Import each individual DNG Sequence from media importer into PP
  2. Export H.264 of each clip individually with the same name
  3. Import all H.264 clips
  4. Edit with compressed
  5. In final sequence find any DNG clips by reading timeline
  6. Open in source monitor
  7. Find frame numbers used, possibly need to change the view mode
  1. Create subfolder in each used clip _SSD1 called “edit”
  2. Find the frames used in source monitor by numbers and drag these to edit subfolder, all if enough of the clip is needed
If necessary repeat steps with “edit-2” if another portion of the clip is needed with a different colour correction Bridge / Photoshop Create action to save as tif in same folder – first time only
  1. Open “edit” subfolder in Bridge
  2. Colour correct a DNG frame in camera RAW
  3. Copy setting and paste to all other frames in “edit” folder
  4. Photoshop automate batch edit all DNG’s to tiff
  1. Double click in blank space of project window to import each clip
  2. Select first .tiff making sure image sequence is ticked
  3. Replace compressed H.264 with .tiff clip
  4. Final colour correction with lumetri color inside of PP

August 19th, 2015

During a trip south last week I got to catch up with one of the younger snowboarders that’s made the transition from Hutt park rider to Wanaka local and is making the transition from small time kiwi to internationally known snowboarder and hopefully the next step of that journey is Winter Games. A bi-annual festival thats been running a while in the southern lakes, kinda a small version of the Winter Olympics which is about to start and run for the next ten days or so. I wanted to take a little different approach on the film and show off how Carlos is working as athlete and how that is effecting the way he rides and the part I’m liking about it is that he’s not a text book robot with a style stronger than his skinny frame. Check the full article at

July 27th, 2015

As one of those things I’ve always been meaning to do I got a un-cut blank for my next skate deck, I wasn’t exactly sure of how to make it into something and just made some of it up along the way, anyway the shape is kinda what I was skating with Santa Cruz and the graphic is freehand acrylic pen based on the srircha hot sauce bottle that for some reason I thought would work for a graphic on something or other.
skateboard graphic

July 24th, 2015

I’ve got a couple shots in the new AA magazine and also on the site, someone got a little with the collage but always nice to be getting some print in another mag. Check the online article at
aa directions article
aa directions online article

July 9th, 2015

From the time I failed photography in high school, the only subject I’ve ever failed at school, I’ve shot and made a lot of my living from photos. I didn’t quite understand some of what to do with my photos when I was at school but I liked shooting them in action sports in my spare time, probably should have just done that for the class but hey. So ever since then I was always a huge fan of photographers that can shoot film so wanted to do the same and have had a lot of film cameras around, sometimes just because they look cool but film isn’t that easy to deal with. One of my buddies and camera geek Alex Bowater has been working on a new system that deals with the fact neither of us have a dark room. This is now my first roll I’ve worked on the whole way from shot to distributed myself, giving me the ability to work the shots the way I want.
First step, tiny dev tank with cafenol, crappy instant coffee and a couple other under the sink chemicals.
Step 2 an old slide duplicate with a little mod and were getting the shots to digital.
Step 3 an absolute handful of apps and I can have them sorted online.
Yeah it’s ridiculous I could just shoot right in the instagram app but it’s nowhere near as fun so I’m going to keep doing this a lot more, well hopefully, I said I’d be doing this in high school, it’s only taken ten years to get a setup. It can only get better from here and I need a high quality version for medium format too.
Until then here’s a photo of Kenzie and her dog Blue at Tahoe.
35mm film photo of kenzie and blue

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