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February 21st, 2016

I’ve been working with wineram on a new website, which you can check out but also one of the cool things about it is that if your liking the way it looks the wordpress theme is available for purchase, there are a few custom things involved in wineram’s site but thats cool and as the theme is used for a commercial project already it’s guaranteed to keep getting updates, well more so than me saying I will keep working on a passion project. Penrose as theme is known by itself has been developed with wineram so as a primary use a video portfolio it works great but by no means that is it’s only application. I do plan on writing more documentation of the theme but as a working example use and get in contact if you think you might want to use the theme. wineram screen

January 30th, 2016

A couple of weeks back I got to catch up with one of skiing pioneers and quite the marketing genius, more people know who this guy is than the last olympic gold medalists to have a chat for The Inertia and Canted Angle Productions.

November 26th, 2015

My shots have just been used on a new post on For The Ride Motorcycle magazine in the For The Friendships section about the Quake City Rumblers, check the article Here and have a read of all that Gal has to say.for the ride moped shot

November 25th, 2015

Bento backs up the Will J in Japan piece I worked on two years ago and I think the follow up has come out way better than the original. I always have got plans for what more I can do and only some of that will ever happen. From seeing as much social media as around these days I wanted to take the approach of every time I would go to shoot an instagram I would also hit record on a little clip. Having the Sony A7 is really a massive part of this, with something so small I can have it around my neck whenever I’m crusing and still have the quality to put it on a tripod with a long lens and shoot a full frame sensor at 60fps. I’m not sure if everything I will do will always be a mirrorless but for right now I’m really happy with the setup.
But as I have Monster as the support on the piece they have more of a shred porn approach to the videos and the second song especially holds true to that with only splashes of culture. A huge thank you to everyone involved with this piece, Will J first off, putting in the effort everyday to get out there and ride for the camera, he has one of the best work ethics of an professional athletes and it shows in the part.
Monster for the backing and the social support, having a release platform of Facebook with 24 million likes is something that can’t be discounted.
Ash, Dylan, Perrian and all the crew at Holiday Niseko they make the trip soon much more relaxed.

November 24th, 2015

For longer than I should probably admit I’ve been working on this piece, when I moved down to Queenstown we had a real good collection of vinyl, another year later I started messing around with 3 axis gimbals and then finally this spring we got some of the snow shots to start editing it up, I had to get Alex Bowater’s help on it as well but it’s something I’m happy with. Ben was the one that came up with the name, basing it on this being the last track of Ray Charles, Yes Indeed album and the last days of spring, this was filmed literally the last full day I had in New Zealand but what better way to spend it than shredding the old stomping grounds.

November 22nd, 2015

For the past year I’ve been working on the follow up to Will J in Japan that I filmed a couple years ago, and now that, in it’s full title, Monster Energy presents Bento a Backcountry Experience in Japan, but first a little trailer to get warmed up.

November 12th, 2015

As I moved internationally recently I sold my 27″ iMac, I’ve got a back up old iMac here but it’s not what I can keep working on, the problem being the new iMac retina 27 specs are really good with Quick Sync editing in FCP X should be sweet for almost everything. The problem being I don’t use FCP X, I prefer Premiere for After Effects and the new tech they are putting in to CC, yes I could use the 27 for Premiere and hopefully it will be brought up to speed but it’s what Apple does with the hardware software working together so I don’t think it will ever be as good and I haven’t seen anything on them adding Quick Sync. The other problem is I want to be working with RED footage and I’m just not sure the iMac¬†will hold up to grading, stabilization and still be nice to edit with. So just spec up and go to the MacPro? well no because the late 2013 doesn’t look much better than the iMac and having to pay for screens especially of the level of the iMac 27 is going to be expensive. Right now I want to just wait it out and see if December brings another MacPro release as it did 2 years ago, if it does at a comparable price to the current MacPro but with Quick Sync and faster processors I’ll be first in line, if it doesn’t I don’t know what I’ll do except keep hating on editing slowly on this iMac.

October 31st, 2015

As I seem to have looked for this a bunch of times online and still don’t find the right place for it I’ll leave it written here.

  1. Get the new version from here
  2. Go to MAMP in finder
  3. Bin
  4. Rename PhpMyAdmin to PhpMyAdmin-old
  5. Move new PhpMyAdmin in to place and remove trailing details
Done, easy. I don’t use MAMP Pro so I’m not sure about that

September 30th, 2015

Little something that won’t be used.

Tree sketch

September 16th, 2015

A little while back the Quake City Rumblers had the annual dirt masters, Earnest has a selection of my shots and some rambling words. Earnest co blogs/ dirt masters 2015 through the eyes of riley the quake city rumblers dirt day

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