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Action sports photography, primarily in snowboarding and skiing but also wakeboard, skateboarding, mountain biking and more.

  • Turning and burning the days away as the sun falls away for another day.

  • The season had only just finished and there was plenty of snow still in the mountains giving us the chance to use the ski field in a way that we normally would just cruise on by and some of the best images are really just under your nose the whole time. This image was published in Manual Magazine.

  • Blue sky powder days and a perfect popper in the Wanaka Backcountry.

    will jackways snowboard powder cardrona

  • We found this place just in time, as soon as the construction was done we we’re never going to get in here but the construction really added something different to the background.

    brad smeele wakeboarding winch action photo

  • These pipes are iconic in the New Zealand landscape they can be seen from too far away which drew us in but still took us years for us to get this shot.

    ben comber urban snowboarding new zealand

  • Roadside attractions take on too much more meaning in snowboarding but the New Zealand snowpack clings to the top of the hills, when the chance to get away from the same old hits you can best bet the Diaries Down Under crew will be there first.

    diaries down under snowboard photo

  • From the start the pow turn has been the essence of snowboarding, no matter how many you do there will be infinite more to do and transferring the pleasure of that turn into an image is a constant.

    snowboarder powder turn photo

  • When your shooting with Josh O theres always one more lap, one more trick, one more frame and this allows the juxtaposition of different tricks and tweaks.

    cable wakeboard

  • After a long day of sitting on the shore of a competition the mind has hours of wandering, in this case we found a little something different with the ski ramp lying on the edge of the lake.

    wakeboard trick on a ski jump

  • The photos and the memories sometimes tell a different story, if you asked me about this ride the days after we got back all I would say is it was hot and dry but there was water somewhere along the way.

    mountain biking from river level

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