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About Me

Welcome to Riley Bathurst Design this is my freelance design, photography and video space.
I’ve been working with clients from large to small, creating logos to TV shows. I’m always up for a challenge and available to create something for you, your company or your project. I ended up here through design school, working for photographers and a desire to create as projects have come up or I have been looking at new things I have adapted my work continually through medium and style, something I wish to keep doing to keep creating the best pieces I can.
Enjoy your visit to my site.


Riley Bathurst Design has been operating since February 2009 during which time I have held the positions of


the Lost Duck

Riley Bathurst worked as a graphic designer for Yellow Duck Publications, for the 2009-2010 winter seasonin Whistler, BC, Canada.

“Riley is without doubt, a truly hard working individual.”

In the time that he worked for me, he showed a maturity, dedication and professionalism that is quite rare to find.

In the many employees I have had in various businesses over the years, Riley stands out as an individual that was able to demonstrate a reliability and work ethic that was truly remarkable.

Riley, was easily able to grasp concepts and ideas and work on them with little supervision or direction. When there was need to conceptualize an idea, Riley was always able to offer useful suggestions and ideas. Without the hard work of Riley on the Lost Duck, I have little doubt that the project would have been as successful as it was.

I have no hesitation in recomending Riley and I wish him every success for the future.


Peter Buchholz

Publisher Yellow Duck Publications


21 December 2011,

Riley has worked in a creative capacity for Chill Studio accorss a number of aspects – graphic gesign, web design, photographic services and film work.

Riley has delivered professional photographic services during both winter snow and summer bike season.

“His eye for capturing the flavour of our message through imagrey is superb.”

Riley is also a competant camera person, and has produced a number of webisode for some of CHILLs event activities, including the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series and the Black Diamond Big Mountain. His work has included pre-production planning, onsite filming and directing, plus editing along with website delivery.

Recent graphic and design work has included a photo shoot for bike hire business, graphic design and advert work for our summer bike magazine and a DLE brochure, website design for the bike hire business and T-shirt design with branding.

We continue to use Riley across all aspect of our design and creative work.

Stu Waddel

Director Chill

Tools I Use

  • After Effects

    This is pretty much like Photoshop for video, it makes all that extra stuff in the videos, the motion graphics or the cleaning up of a logo, everything to make your video shine.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro

    I use Premiere for video editing, I can do Final Cut 7 as well, but the integration of all the other Adobe products means better graphics, motion or still to enhance the overall video and give you a full rounded product.

  • Adobe InDesign


    Laying out big documents or lots of text or setting up templates for you that are easy and fast, I know my way around InDesign and we can create something to get your message out in it together.

  • wordpress icon


    My CMS (Content Management System) of choice for making websites, It’s easy for anyone to look at the back end and thats what counts for many of my clients so I want to use what works for them. You don’t need to learn computer code, you need to do what you do and have an easy system to work so here it is. Oh and it’s free.

  • Photoshop

    The big beast in this game, I’ve been using a few versions now and it may not be perfect but I know my way around a few parts of the program and with a tablet to draw on I can create a whole range of different things whether they have anything to do with a photo or not.