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Welcome to Riley Bathurst Design.
A freelance multimedia design experience working with clients from large to small, creating logos to TV shows.
Always up for a challenge and available to create something for you, your company or your project.

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Graphic Design

This is where my portfolio starts and the base of my work. Since studying I have explored a number of other areas but I always come back to the base rules, styles and inspiration of layouts, colours and other fundamentals of graphic design.


These are print works of sort, some of which have been printed, some have been used entirely online, most are static but all of them are different.

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Learning to design for the web has been one of the more challenging experiences I have had as a design, incorporating the artistic side of the creation with the structure of code, a rapidly and ever changing space that is viewed differently from person to person gives more than my share of headaches but I feel it has lead me to design websites far better with an understanding of how they work.

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My photography started with my action sport, at the same time I was discovering design I was also moving into these dynamic sports more about creating a moment than getting points on the board. That and the fact I always have something in my hands and a camera works really well for that.


As cameras changed and gave rise to DSLR video I took the opportunity to shoot moving images. Now video influences my photography just as much as photography influences my video allowing me to make the most of a situation either in a single image or a whole film.

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As mentioned in my previous blog post I have been working on a new e-commerce site, well it’s live at, based on woo themes with a few tweaks, it’s cost effective but also has a few extra things that don’t come out of the packet. Photography of garment and cover photo are also mine. website preview

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